PPR'S QUANTUM LEAP "Quant" - Texas Blue Lacy Stud Dog


We have invested a lot of time and money into acquiring genetics, evaluation of those genetics, training those animals as well as hunting and and working cattle in order to develop the most appropriate stud Lacy dogs for our breeding program and to seed the Blue Lacy breed with superior genetics.

The triad of balance that we seek in our stud dogs is form, function, and temperament. We demonstrate our studs’ qualities with photos and videos.

Contact sean@pecanpeakranch.com if you are interested in discussion our stud services.

Message Regarding the Lacy Stud Market from the Owner of Pecan Peak Ranch

When I first got involved with Lacys, 20 years ago, I was challenged to find quality studs. I discovered that there wasn’t a stud market for the breed. 

I posted in every Lacy forum, “Seeking solid studs!” I received limited responses and had a difficult time finding anyone who had a significant amount of data on their dogs beyond registration paperwork. It was rare that I could even find someone with a good set of photographs. Videos of working and hunting extremely rare and anything I found was very limited. 

I was into females because I had a female Labrador before and my first three Lacys were females. Then came PPR’S REBEL SPIRIT, “Rebel.” He changed my perspective when I saw the extra power and drive that came with a male dog.

I realized that I had to raise my own studs. It has been an amazing adventure. Hunting and working with a pack of top male Lacys is exhilarating! Not saying anything about female Lacys. Just saying that if you take an awesome female, add 5-10 pounds to her and step up her drive, you have a lot more dog, sometimes too much and other times, just enough.

I am committed to developing a modern Blue Lacy stud market. I am investing in at a the ranch. I am also taking massive action in my capacity as President of the National Lacy Dog Registry

Seeking Solid Studs!

M. Sean Cockrell

Our Dogs & Puppies are registered with the National Lacy Dog Registry.

All of our stud dogs are registered with the National Lacy Dog Registry.

PPR'S QUANTUM LEAP "Quant" - Texas Blue Lacy Stud Dog
Texas Blue Lacy Dog in Wildflowers and Cactus - PPR'S BLUE GOOSE