Genetics is a very complex science. Pecan Peak Ranch is committed to studying, testing, and delivering the best genetics with proper care to the Lacy dog market. 

Facilities are very important. Pecan Peak Ranch is a working cattle and hunting ranch that provides the facilities needed to advance Blue Lacy genetics and nurture puppies. We expose our pups to circumstances that evaluate their genetic tendencies and begin their exposure to the world in a way that gives them the best start to life possible. 

Our Mission is to match our resulting pups with the ideal homes for each individual pup. Each litter of puppies has a spectrum of genetics. Our goal is the match each puppy with the right owner. 

The Characteristics we seek to develop are in the categories of:
- Form - How the dog looks. Size. Proportions. Coat quality. Color. etc.
- Athleticism - Speed. Quickness. Jumping. Swimming. Running.
- Temperament - This includes the dogs' general disposition. We look to improve stability, eagerness to please, trainability, workability, etc. 
- Inherent Task Aptitude - The best way to evaluate and estimate a pup's inherent aptitude for a task is to evaluate them through testing on specific tasks.