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Blue Lacy Dogs – Pups Available!

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We have been raising Texas Blue Lacy dogs for 18 years. Our investment in the breed is extensive. In addition to our investment in facilities, owner, Sean Cockrell wrote the book on the breed, The Texas Dog Manual, All about the Blue Lacy, State Dog of Texas. Pecan Peak Ranch hosted the only open competition ever held for Lacys, the Lacy Dog Rodeo. Our YouTube channel provides a collection of hundreds of videos the demonstrate Lacy dogs hunting and working cattle as well as instructional videos. 

We provide a ranch environment with a properly managed hunting and working dog kennel. This allows us to focus on the science of breeding quality dogs, the process for raising and developing the best dogs, and customized placement for each individual pup.

Our dogs are used on the ranch for hunting and cattle work. We prove our dogs out in the field on actual hunting can cattle work. Please visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel for videos of our dogs in action and informational videos.