Blue Lacy Dogs

Pecan Peak Ranch has been raising Blue Lacy dogs for 18 years. Our focus is now and always has been on the genetic advancement of this Texas original breed that has been officially named the State Dog of Texas. We are focused on genetics, healthcare, and performance. 

We have a couple of litters due this winter. In interested, please read on below!

Message from Sean Cockrell - Founder & Owner of Pecan Peak Ranch

Thank you for taking interest in our dogs! I have been raising Lacy dogs for over 18 years. It has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding endeavors of my life. 

This breed is amazing for the right owners. My goal is to raise the best dogs possible then match them with the ideal homes for each individual dog. 

Raising hunting and working dogs is a science. Then adding proper structure, form, and temperament to the ability equation makes this an extremely complex science. 

I have spent years seeking the best genetics in Lacys. My strategy is taking the best genetics I can find then putting dogs to the test, myself. I have found that the best way to truly understand a dog for breeding purposes is spend personal time with it on the ranch. 

I test ability across 5 categories of hunting and work. My goal is to develop dogs that can perform across 2 or more of these categories, listed below. I believe that proving dogs is critical. Therefore, I take video of my dogs performing real working and hunting tasks here at the ranch and elsewhere. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for the ranch to see what I mean, click here =>

- Cattle & Livestock Work
- Tracking Wounded Game
- Retrieving Shot Fowl
- Treeing Game
- Wild Hog Hunting

I evaluate temperaments for fitness for work with multiple people and dogs present. I breed dogs that are stable and steady to shot and other loud noises. I look for outgoing drive in dogs while I avoid shyness and spooky behaviors in our breeding dogs. 

This is a lot to accomplish. I have success and I have failure while every day I strive for greatness. 

Again, thank you for your interest in my dogs. If you would like to discuss the possibility of purchasing one of my dogs I will be happy to discuss. Please text first then call or I will call you at 214-507-0394. Email is also a good way to contact me at 

Sean Cockrell
Owner & Founder, Pecan Peak Ranch
Author, The Texas Dog Manual