Blue Lacy Puppies

How We Raise Our Lacy Pups & Our Process for Placement

Selection of appropriate breeding matches, proper healthcare, critical exposure, human interaction, evaluation, and development are keys in our process for breeding and raising puppies.

Our Texas Blue Lacy puppies are raised on the ranch yet taken to the city on occasions in order to expose them to lots of people, specifically children. We frequently shoot guns around them as they develop to identify those pups with genetic gun-shyness and to begin fostering a positive association to help them become good gun dogs and stable companions.

We also expose our pups to various things and circumstances to help us evaluate them for each potential home and to help them develop. Examples include water, deer legs, raw meat, blood, cattle, hogs, varmints, cats, mock tracks, retrieving, etc.

Our Dogs & Puppies are registered with the National Lacy Dog Registry.

All of our puppies are registered with the National Lacy Dog Registry.