Texas Blue Lacy Dog - PPR'S JESSICA LYNN "Jessie"
PPR'S JESSICAL LYNN "Jessie" Over Texas

The PPR Legacy in Lacy Dogs & Ongoing Operation

We have been raising Texas Blue Lacy dogs here at Pecan Peak Ranch for 20 years. We prove our Lacys’ abilities and instincts through hunting and cattle work.  Proof is documented and published via video versus word-of-mouth. Twenty years of learning and making selections has developed the top lines of Blue Lacy dogs.

Breeding is an extremely difficult job. It takes much more effort and investment than just putting two registered dogs together for breeding. Our investment in the breed is across the spectrum including genetic science, records management, facilities build-out, research and documentation (The Texas Dog Manual), stud fees and dog purchases, fostering Lacy dog culture, and the list goes on.

Our Dogs & Puppies are registered with the National Lacy Dog Registry.

Our dogs & puppies are registered with the National Lacy Dog Registry.