(Honoring the Blue Lacy and establishing it as an official Texas dog breed)

WHEREAS, Among all the breeds of dog that can be found in Texas, few have an association with the state as noteworthy as that enjoyed by the Blue Lacy; and

WHEREAS, Believed to be the first dog breed to have originated in this state, the dog is named for the Lacy family, which developed the breed in the mid-1800s for herding and hunting; descended from greyhound, scenthound, and coyote stock, the Blue Lacy has a capacity for hard work that typifies the rugged virtues of a Texas ranch-hand; and

WHEREAS, In addition to its place of origin and its ranching pedigree, this companionable dog boasts another association with the State of Texas: the Lacy family, including George W. Lacy and his brothers, moved from Kentucky to Burnet County in 1858 and settled in the area of present-day Marble Falls; several decades later, when a new state capitol was erected in Austin, George Lacy and the other owners of Granite Mountain donated the red granite that was used in its construction; and

WHEREAS, The Blue Lacy is a Texas native, a working dog bred to play an essential role in ranch operations, and a dog whose original breeders played a critical part in the building of the State Capitol, and this proud heritage gives the Blue Lacy especially strong Texas credentials; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,77th Legislature, hereby honor the Blue Lacy dog breed as a true Texas breed.

Signed By: Bill Ratliff, President of the Senate

I hereby certify that the above Resolution was adopted by the Senate on March 8, 2001.

Betty King, Secretary of the Senate
Todd Staples, Member, Texas Senate