Pecan Peak Ranch Longhorn Program
Our Texas Longhorn breeding program is focused on horn and color as well as body size and conformation. 

How to Shop Our Site
- Pricing - Everything is for sale and everything is priced. We price the best we can based on their competitiveness in the market as we see how animals are developing. Feel free to make offers if you see an animal you like that you feel is priced too high. We will be reasonable. Some of our animals are intentionally priced high because they are key to our program objectives, for example, our grullo animals. In these cases, we recommend that you make sure that these animals have the same value to your breeding program. 
- Each animal is for sale individually but may not be available currently as an individual because of a calf in the womb, at side, or being a calf that is not yet weaned. In the case of a calf at side you may purchase both mother and calf or purchase either individually and take delivery after weaning. In the case of a calf in the womb, it will be your bonus after purchase. 
- Exposure to Bulls - We update exposure dates regularly. Pregnancy blood tests are available upon request. 

- Balance - We are focused on many traits at the same time while maintaining genetic diversity. 
- Investment in Horn - We have invested in horn through our AI program with bulls such as Dickinson Cattle Company's Clear Point and through our partnership with Dauntless Longhorns that includes purchased animals and leased bulls.
- Tip-to-tip {TTT} - We recognize that TTT is by far the dominant measurement used to value Texas Longhorn cattle. We begin measuring TTT at a young age and post measurements to our animals' profiles regularly. Updated measurements are available on request. 
- Horn Form
- Twist yields lower TTT measurements with higher total horn {TH} measurements. We plan to begin tracking TH. TH measurement request are welcome! 
- Mass - Mass is important for us while unnatural Longhorn mass is not our preference. Balance of mass and length is our goal. 
- Strength - We are working to breed animals with durable, strong horn that does not break easily. 

- Grullo {grey & silver} is a long-term objective of ours. We are working to develop a line of heritable grullo, coupled with horn and conformation. We have our seed stock and are working on refining the ideal colors of grey and silver through black base-coat animals with dilution. Contact us if you would like to discuss our current research into the grullo color genetics. 
- Black is one of our key color objectives. We have a large seed stock of true black base-coat animals. Currently, we are working to improve the horn and conformation of our black Longhorn herd. Black is also the key to grullo when coupled with color dilution per our calculation. 
- Brindle is one of the most beautiful color combinations of Longhorn cattle and is one of the most common, thus horn and conformation are readily available to draw from. We are currently leveraging outside genetics to expand our brindle herd and refine it to keep pace with the industry. 
- Wild-type coloration variations are very broad. We have lots of wild-type base-coat animals. Currently, we are looking to produce some unique color variations with horn and conformation. 
- Red is the most common color of Longhorn cattle and many red animals dominate in horn and conformation. We have invested in a few red animals with industry-leading genetics. Examples of our investment in red include our semen investment in Dickinson's Clear Point and cows such as our Blood Orange that we purchased from Dauntless Longhorns
- Spotting and roan add contrast to base-coat colors. We are currently trying to understand and leverage spotting genetics to emphasize the colors that we are creating. At the same time we are looking to balance spotting and roan with color. 

- Beef is an important byproduct of our cattle ranching operation.
- We are focused on selecting and raising larger-framed, taller animals with large body mass. 

- Genetic Diversity - It is a longer process to derive conformation while maintaining genetic diversity. 
- Balance - Our breeding strategy is to combine genetic outliers that have the key traits we seek with genetically sound animals. 
- Backs and Posture - Straight backs and correct posture are our key focal points currently.