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Mission - To raise the best quality working and hunting dogs then provide the best possible futures for them based on their individual characteristics. 

Working & Hunting Heritage - Pecan Peak Ranch is a cattle and hunting ranch. All of our dogs are tested and utilized on tasks across 5 categories - cattle herding and penning, tracking wounded game, wild hog hunting, game bird retrieving, and varmint treeing, trapping, and hunting. We prioritize the placement of our pups to customers with needs in these areas. We place the pups that do not meet our top-grade for working and hunting purposes into active, non-working homes with customers who spend lots of time outdoors, respect the culture that surrounds Blue Lacy dogs and understand the needs of working dog breeds. 

Working Demonstration & Proof - We post videos of our dogs to demonstrate working and hunting techniques, evaluations, and achievements.

Puppy Evaluation - Find videos of individual pups on their profile pages by clicking on the pictures of them below then going to the "Comments" tab. Find videos of litters listed underneath the header of each litter below. Our tracking evaluations are generally based on exposing the pups to liver drags as shown here =>  

Healthcare - We use modern medicine on a veterinarian-dictated schedule to control pathogens and parasites while building long-term immunity and a kick-start to body health. The "Medical" tab on each animal's page contains a list of the pertinent medicines that we have administered. Provide a copy of this information for your veterinarian in advance of further treatment. The brands of vaccines that we use are pictured below. We de-worm use heartworm preventative on a regular schedule.

Microchip Registration - We are currently using PetKey microchips. Each pup has a microchip already embedded between the shoulder blades. This is the standard position that vet clinics and rescue operators look for microchips when scanning. We have tested each chip but you should have your vet scan it to be sure that it is readable and that the number matches with the number we posted under the medical tab of the pup's profile on our website. You can register your pup's microchip with PetKey for an annual fee, currently $20/year or you can register with any other pet microchip database. PetKey registration is here - There is a free registration database here - There are also other databases that just have a one-time fee like this one -  

Kibble Feeding - The commercial kibble food that we feed our pups is Valu-Pak Free 28-20 (pictured below). When picking up pups we are happy to provide you with a small baggie of Valu-Pak that you can use to transition your pup to the food of your choice. Valu-Pak is available at some feed stores but generally not at major retailers.

Raw Feeding - We feed raw meat, organs and bones to our entire kennel 2 days per week plus we use raw meat regularly for training and relationship building. Our puppies are introduced to raw meat for food at around 3-4 weeks of age. Then we use raw meat for testing and tracking training. The meat we feed is our naturally-raised, free-range beef that we produce on the ranch. We do sell our beef for raw feeding. See information on our website - Click Here

Sales Tax Exemptions - In-state sales of dogs are subject to Texas sales tax in the amount of 6.25% as legally required by the State of Texas, Brown County. Out-ot-state sales of dogs are not subject to sales tax. We do honor tax exempt sales of dogs as supported by Texas state law such as farm and ranch use working dogs or any other statutory sales tax exemption. A Sales tax exemption form (Click here to get the form.) must be completed and provided to us for our records for audit support. (Email is preferred.) Please follow this link to obtain a copy of the required form that already has our information filled out. 

Pickup & Airport Delivery - We are evaluating air shipping again. Let us know if this is an option you are interested in. It is easiest to pick up our pups at the ranch. We also offer pickup in north Dallas based on scheduling. We can also deliver our pups for pickup to DFW Airport for $100 or Dallas Love Field for $75 based on scheduling.   

Updates - All updates as the dog progresses are welcome, of course! We are currently tracking the size of our dogs so if you get your dog from us weighed, please send an email to with the weight and the date so I can update our system. Again, any other data that you can provide will be helpful to our breeding program. Thank you in advance!


Litter # 220100

Litter PPR-220100     Sevens & Kolt    DOB 02/28/2022

Litter Treeing Evaluation Video - Click Here
Litter Water Exposure Video - Click Here




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Litter #220200 Cleo & Rooster

Litter PPR-220200     Cleo & Rooster    DOB 03/23/2022

  • Size: These pups may be on the smaller side. The smallest dog we have had from this match is 20 pounds at 20 months of age. Rooster, the father is just over 38 pounds, 12 ounces and 17 inches tall at the withers, with lots of muscle. Cleo weighs 33 pounds, 12 ounces and 17 inches tall at the withers. Cleo is more slight in her build. We have done this match a number of times. If you are looking for a small Lacy, the smaller of these pups are good choices for you. On the other end of the spectrum we have one pup from this match who already weighs 36 pounds, 14 ounces at 7 1/2 months of age and so I expect her to be a 45 to 50 pound dog. We have not made any determinations on what is the ideal size for Lacys and preferences are all over the map. As always, we are looking for what works well across tasks, is put together correctly and has a handsome form.

    Temperament and drive have been outstanding with this match! Cleo has one of the best if not the best noses and olfactory intelligence that we have seen in Lacys. Both are easy around people with limited dog aggression and great drive. 

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