The Pecan Peak Ranch Blue Lacy Breeding & Dog Standard

Pecan Peak Ranch (PPR) publishes this standard for others to utilize in understanding the dogs we produce and to leverage in their own breeding programs. 

Foundation Principles & Definitions

  1. Genetics - Breeding dogs is a complex science that requires significant investment of time, money and other resources. 
  2. Intelligence and Intellect are required to advance breeding in a positive direction.
  3. Breeder Types
    1. Leading Breeders - These are the qualified breeders who are very intelligent, educated, invest the needed time and money, own or have substantial access to land and actively participate in hunting, livestock work or other work with the dogs. All other breeders should follow, show respect for and demonstrate that they are taking the required steps to mimic and support the efforts of the Leading Breeders. 
    2. Club Breeders - These breeders have joined a breed association that requires membership and at least some level of adherence to rules of ethics and conduct. Some breed clubs have begun to develop standards; however, these organizations tend to be social in nature, governmental in conduct and mostly incapable of developing or managing quality standards for Blue Lacy dogs. The recognized breed clubs in order of establishment are:
      1. Texas Lacy Game Dog Association
      2. National Lacy Game Dog Association
      3. Lacy Dog Breeders Association
      4. Texas Lacy Legacy Working Dog Group.
    3. Backyard Breeders - These breeders may be and frequently are Club Breeders. These breeders are raising dogs in their homes and backyards, frequently less than one acre, which are not adjoined by significant land to properly raise, work and test a pack of Lacy dogs. Surprisingly some of the biggest breeders of Lacys are backyard breeders with their backyards inside city limits stacked with kennels of Lacys. 
    4. Non-Working/Hunting Breeders - Breeders who do not hunt, work livestock or utilize their breeding stock in any significant work or competitive endeavor.
  4. Registries are the record keeping bodies for Lacys. Registration is a requirement. The recognized registries in order of establishment are:
    1. Lacy Game Dog Registry – Individual owned.
    2. National Lacy Dog Registry – Non-profit organization.
    3. Lacy Dog Breeders Registry – Individual owned.
    4. Lacy Legacy Registry – Individual owned.
  5. Microchips are embedded in all of our pups and dogs so that they can be traced back to their history.
    1. Goal is not to have any dogs in shelters but when our dogs end up in shelters we take the steps to get them out.
    2. We track each serial number for each of our pups in correlation with their microchip ID.