***Longhorn Beef for Sale!***

Pecan Peak Ranch is a traditional, family-owned and operated cattle ranch in central Texas near a small town named Zephyr. Our storage facility is in Far North Dallas, near the Coit & Campbell intersection.

The difference in our beef stems from our traditional ranching methods. We raise Texas Longhorn cattle as opposed to commercial beef cattle. Longhorn cattle consume and thrive on a much wider array of vegetation. Texas Longhorns are a heartier breed of cattle. Their lifespans are 20-25 years as opposed to 12-13 for commercial beef cattle. Commercial beef cattle have been selectively bred to gain weight rapidly quickly on fertilized crops and feeds. Longhorns are the result of natural selection on the Texas frontier. 

In addition to the drastic difference in lifespan, you will notice the presence of horns and a wide variety of colors, in Longhorn cattle. Under their horns and coats, the meat from Longhorn cattle is a much richer, leaner meat with much higher vitamin and mineral content than commercial beef cattle. We have perfected a free-range grazing program that maximizes vitamin and mineral intake through a wide range of forage across greater acreage. 

In order to manage our cattle in brushy, native Central Texas pastureland we use cattle dogs. Through the use of our cow-dogs we are able to frequently rotate our cattle in and out of different pastures with ease. Thus, we are able to maintain a controlled herd of cattle while grazing them on the ideal forage at the appropriate time. This is the best ranching method for the land, and it yields much healthier beef with a balanced taste as opposed to the taste experienced by some with grass-fed beef that is raised on a monoculture of heavily farmed grass. 

We are looking to develop a small, DFW area customer base. Thank you for stopping by. Give us a try! 

We are currently offering our beef by pickup in North Dallas only. DFW delivery available on bulk orders.
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Price List
Prices effective through January 31st, 2022.

All prices are per pound

Ground Beef-Chubs   $4.00
Ground Beef-VacPak  $5.00
Ground Beef Patties   $5.00
NY Strip - Boneless   $15.00
Ribeye - Boneless   $15.50
Tenderloin   $16.00
Tri-Tip   $10.50
Sirloin   $13.00
Shank   $4.00
Short Ribs   $5.00
Back Ribs   $6.00
Oxtail   $7.00
Tongue   $8.50
Heart   $5.50
Liver   $4.00
Stock Bones   $3.00

Raw Feed for Animals
Ground Beef - 30 pounds in 1-2 pound packages - $100
Ground Beef - 50 pounds in 1-2 pound packages - $150
Real, Raw Bones - $4/pound


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